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Chicken Schnitty & Wedges

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good pub feed, so we thought we’d get crumbing!

Pull a pint and settle in, ‘cos we’re bringing the classic Chicken Schnitty to ya with no Keno or sticky carpets in sight #SchnitYeah

We recommend popping our parmesan-crumbed chicken breast schnitzel and those thick-cut potato wedges in the oven, then it will be schnitty-schnitty-bang-bang all up in your tastebuds!

Just for schnits and giggles, we’ve thrown in some ridic sweet-chilli mayo for chip dippin’, plus green beans for a fresh crunch #GetSchnitFaced

Disclaimer: Nutritional values are based on standard product formulation and average figures. There may be slight variations to nutrient values and serving sizes. Ingredients are susceptible to seasonal variation. This information is correct at time of publishing.

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