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Crumbed Chicken Pasta Salad

Schnit just got real, Fam. Turns out you CAN win friends with salad… if you’re talkin’ about our Crumbed Chicken Pasta Salad #GoodSchnit

We’ve taken everybody’s fave parmesan chicken breast schnitty, sliced it up real nice, and served it alongside a delish deli-style pasta salad, polka-dotted with tasty ham, crunchy celery, sweetcorn, and pepitas.

There’s a sachet of garlic yoghurt dressing if you want to kick the flavour up a notch, too. We recommend enjoying under a big, shady tree down by the river with your shoes off for a real taste of Summer.

Disclaimer: Nutritional values are based on standard product formulation and average figures. There may be slight variations to nutrient values and serving sizes. Ingredients are susceptible to seasonal variation. This information is correct at time of publishing.

  You can enjoy this meal fresh out of the fridge!  

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